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re: Kiheitai rebuild plan



Kiheitai rebuild plan


Friday, June 1, 2018




Weekly RP session Thursday 7pm central


Ship: Nautilus with Mikasa escort




Captain: Azima




Counselor: Kaskia


Doctor: Wuvoa


Chief Engineer: Turea?


Security Officer:




Tactical: Daiminus




Science: Lola



Premise: Weekly episodes similar to TV series, First Contact, Exploration, Scientific. Minimal Combat, Long term mission premise. Episodic bad guys for now, no over arcing nemesis.




Each arc will be planned out the week before and introduced by the GM of the week. Loose plans are best, to allow RP to flow naturally.




Primary RP will take place in the gamma quadrant to allow maximum creativity for new races and scientific anomalies, as well as avoiding canon issues with established races.


First arc will start after victory is life releases to allow Jem'hadar characters to be included if desired.




As always, Waeve has final veto on any ideas and final approval of any races created specifically for a weekly episode. Established races are of course the property of their creator and will not be interefered with.




Waeve will plan and GM the initial episode, tentatively scheduled for June 7th.


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