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The war with the Iconians has ended. The Federation begins to rebuild and look once more toward scientific endeavors and exploration. To this end, the once mighty 7th tactical fleet has been reorganized as the 7th Joint Fleet. Having been reassigned from their post defending Earth from both the Iconians and the reemergent Terra Prime, Kiheitai now operates out of Trafalgar Station, located in the Hromi Cluster. Near the center of the Beta Quadrant, the new Starbase's location makes the 7th ideal not only for new long range exploration missions, but also as a diplomatic hub for the still tenuous alliance between the Federation, Romulan Republic, and Klingon Empire. With their Commanding officer, Admiral Blackfire, a decorated war hero, now facing a political battle with Starfleet Command which could very well end his career, the 7th looks to the Captain's of their vessels for the day to day leadership the Admiral provided during the war. But even as peace seems to settle upon the galaxy and people begin to rebuild their lives, shadows lurk above the Gateway planet, home of the Guardian of Forever and an old enemy emerges once more from the shadows......
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